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The New Mexico Touring Society is an Albuquerque-based recreational bicycling club for riders of all abilities, from beginners to experts. Club members plan and lead one-day and multi-day road and mountain bike rides. Check our ride schedule to participate in a ride or come to a monthly meeting to meet us.

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This club is developing a comprehensive route along the New Mexico section of the old Route 66 highway. US Bicycle Route 66 Trail Notes for New Mexico
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The NMTS is an affiliate of the League of American Bicyclists.
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From Russ Stolk to Alex Zukosky about Debbie
Russ asked me to share this.
1/24/2015 6:57pm
Debbie has just been reintubated! She crumpled as her stats dropped as she just tired out as just too damn weak to be off vent support while the rest of her body heals. The lungs are healing very well despite the resolving pneumonia but kidneys liver muscles heart obviously have way to go!! I am depressed about this but knew very well it may occur as an ICU nurse of many years. What happens now as discussed before and again just now with doctor, Deb put on schedule for tracheostomy and PEG ( peripheral endo gastrostomy) feeding tube. Trach for better vent support and less stress on Debbie and stomach belly tube for meds and liquid feeding to give her nutrition to heal. I await all your responses if you have some. email is russstolk@comcast.net. Debbie is back on very very very low sedation as she is so weak not much needed as before. She was also given versed so will be out for while, I went to grocery shop as out of food here @ apt and doing laundry bed linen as felt there might be ??? in sheets bedding???

Latest update.
1/24/2015 9:39pm
Deb does betr now on vent again as was too much effort too soon due to super infection overdriving her body. I have seen this before in null
Email sent to Bob Griffith
Deb is to have a trach placed today & PEG tube next as still needs ventilator and feelings. I will be here for many weeks as was able to get three of our Spinning friends to care sit for our doggies. If you would please let our NMTS friends be aware that a Spinner cyclist friend has set up a gofundme.com donation on my facebook page for Debbie's long term rehab, so it would be really really great if you could let all those cyclists on facebook know? Will keep you and the others of Deb's continued progress as it occurs!!! Love to you ALL!!!! Russ & Deb
Debbie Stolk Fund
This campaign is raising money for "Please Help Heal Debbie Stolk" > http://www.gofundme.com/ku8ifc?pc=mb_em

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