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New Ride Cancellations Forum

We've created a new Ride Cancellations Forum. Ride leaders are encouraged to post cancellations to scheduled rides here. Please cancel long enough before the ride starts so that people aren't already on their way to the meetup point by the time the notice goes up. Thanks!

Thanks to Ronald Taylor for suggesting this. We rely on the participation and input of our membership to keep making the site and BBS better!

Important news about the BBS

Thanks to everyone who's registered. We now have more than 100 NMTS members enrolled on our social media forums at http://bbs.nmts.org. But there are a couple of issues that may be keeping the rest of the membership from getting on board with this important and useful new tool which is letting the club members interact with one another in ways they've never been able to before.

Some folks are worried about signing up with their email addresses.

People don't like spam, and fear phishing schemes and whatnot. That's understandable. We don't like those things either. We ask those people to please be aware of the following:

  1. We don't share your information—ever. It is for club business only.
  2. We already have your email address. If we were going to share it, we'd have shared it by now. (See #1)
  3. Your email address is known only to officers on the Web site, and to nobody but administrators on the BBS.
  4. Members can email you through the BBS but they still will not know your address unless you respond. And you are even able to opt out of this feature if you wish. (See your Control Panel on the BBS.)
  5. Board members and ride chairmen and the like will want to use the email tools to get in touch with certain slices of the membership from time to time, a function the web site's hosting service simply does not provide. But we can't do that without your participation.
  6. We can't sign you up. You have to sign yourself up and give yourself a password for your own protection. We don't know your passwords and we don't want to know them.

One other thing: Some people have enrolled with "disposable" email addresses that are not the ones we currently have on file. If that sounds like you, we ask you to go into your Control Panel and put in your real email address. Otherwise we have no way of knowing if you're a member or not, and unless we know you as a member we are not going to promote you to the privileged group labeled "NMTS Member" so you will only see the parts of the BBS that non-members see.

A final word: Please consider making your username something that lets others recognize you online. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE YOUR REAL NAME. It won't take people long to figure out who Patrick_R or Rob B are, but nobody is going to know who nonuser is.

Thanks! We've put in a lot of work getting you this useful social media tool, and we hope you enjoy it.

Sunday rides get new ride leaders, two times available

Mary Ann Sweeney will take over leading the 9:00 Sunday Bosque Trail ride as of January 8th.

John Gately will take over leading the 10:00 Sunday ride, which is back on and available.

And then there were seven?

Bill Thompson writes us again from Phoenix:

"Day 2 of the Phoenix in January bike tour. Dave Atkins, Ralph Monfort, Bill Thompson, Will Ferrell, Dee Friesen, Tom Sullivan, and Russ Stolk at the Camelback Mountain Recreation Area trailhead. Note the thermometer."

Duly noted. Also noted: Ralph is either using a dress shirt as a jersey or else has removed his dress pants for the photo. Perhaps he left them in the restroom?

(Just kidding. Have fun, guys!)

January meeting to feature Corsica trip

Alex and Jane Zucosky are the featured speakers at this month's NMTS meeting. They will be giving us a photographic tour of their recent Santana Cycling trip to Corsica.

Come join the fun this January 16th at the Trek Superstore, starting at 6:30 pm.

Phoenix crew storms South Mountain

Bill Thompson writes from Phoenix:

"The first day of the tour was a ride up South Mountain, which is a climb of about 1100 feet in a little over 7 miles. The photo shows 8 of the 10 riders at the top — Gary Shaw, Bill Thompson, Tom Sullivan, Dee Friesen, Mike Davila, Ralph Monfort, Will Ferrell, and David Atkins. Missing from the photo are John Sturtevant and Russ Stolk. A great ride — sunny with temperatures in the mid-sixties."

2017 Bicycling Community Meet & Greet

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Time: 6:00 7:30 pm (doors open at 5:30)
Place: Albuquerque Balloon Museum, Pugash Hall (upstairs)

Who is the Bicycling Community? There are many elements in addition to Riders. Planning, Engineering, Constructing, Maintaining, Legislating & allocating funding, Advocating, Organizing, and more are also important parts. All are invited!

The intent of the January Meet & Greet is for members from all of the various aspects of the community to come together. There will be no speeches, no forum, no formal Q &A. Instead, an MC will make brief introductions. Then attendees can mix & mingle - meet & greet - enjoy light snacks & beverages and peruse information about the bicycling community.

This will be a time to connect and enjoy sharing company. Then, in the following months, as projects, ideas for updates and improvements, and events are considered, the Bicycling Community can work together, hopefully with better channels of communication and understanding.

If you would like to have your group's information included as a flyer or small display / poster in the info area of the Meet & Greet, please email Ann Overstreet, Ann@BikeABQ.org, for more details. If you plan to attend, an email to RSVP@BikeABQ.org will be appreciated.

Member, League of American Bicyclists

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