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The New Mexico Touring Society is an Albuquerque-based recreational bicycling club for riders of all abilities, from beginners to experts. Club members plan and lead one-day and multi-day road and mountain bike rides. Check our ride schedule to participate in a ride or come to a monthly meeting to meet us.

Route 66 Project

This club has developed a comprehensive route along the New Mexico section of the old Route 66 highway. US Bicycle Route 66 Trail Notes for New Mexico
Developed by NMTS

League of American Bicyclists

The NMTS is an affiliate of the League of American Bicyclists.
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NMTS Ride submission Alert

This alert comes to you from our dedicated webmaster, Will Ferrell:
Some members have had problems with the ride submission form. The problem has been fairly rare but has become more frequent recently so there is a need to address it. I am exploring a solution but, unfortunately, have yet to discern a remedy. The problem is in the description entry for a ride submission. You’re typing away and the description looks perfect on the screen but some invisible foreign character has crept in because you inadvertently hit one of the function keys on your keyboard. Until we can determine a proper remedy, you should try to avoid using odd characters. If you accidentally hit an "F" key (keys at top of keyboard), hit the backspace key even if you see no character in the display. If nothing like this works, and the submission engine rejects your submission, start over and enter the ride information without the description and send the description via email to webmaster@nmts.org so that I can add it to the ride submission.
June 15, NMTS Meeting -- Summer Solstice/Brat Fest
Thank you Ruth & Dee F
Photos From Saul S
Photos from the Sunday Ride.
Some riders, in search of shade checked out the Old Town Farm (Bike In Coffee), located south of I-40 just off the Bosque Trail.
To access: take the I-40 trail that runs East from the Bosque Trail, Cross Gabaldon, look for the gate on the right.
Photos from Wednesday am Ride Jemez Dam is a little greener this year.