Ralph Monfort's Dispatches From the 2003
'Round The World' Oddessey World Cycling Tour

Ralph's Dispatches
New Zealand   Switzerland - Czech Republic   Greece is the Word
Oz (Australia)   Oui, Monfort is French   There's No Place Like Rome
SE Asia      I see London, I see France     2003, A Spain Odyssey
China   Irish by Association   Iberian Dreams 
Vietnam   Loch, Scot, and Two Smoking Haggis'   The Dark Continent I
Vietnam - Thailand   My Way in Norway   South Africa
Thailand   Norway & Denmark    
Germany - Austria   To Russia With Rain
(Sweden, Finland, & Russia)

Region Route Dates (2003)
New Zealand Auckland to Christchurch Jan 5 to Feb 1
Australia Tasmania, Sydney & The Great Barrier Reef Feb 2 to 25
Southeast Asia North Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City via China Feb 26 to Mar 30
Southeast Asia South Phuket, Thailand to Singapore via Malaysia Mar 31 to Apr 24
European Alps Prague, Czech Republic to Geneva, Switzerland Apr 25 to May 19
Western Europe Luxembourg to Aberdeen, Scotland via the UK & Ireland May 20 to Jul 4
Scandinavia & Russia Bergen, Norway to St Petersburg, Russia Jul 5 to Aug 8
Mediterranean East Athens, Greece to Rome, Italy Aug 9 to Sep 2
Mediterranean West Rome, Italy to Barcelona, Spain Sep 3 to Oct 1
Southern Europe Gibraltar to Lisbon, Portugal via Morocco and Spain Oct 2 to Oct 22
South Africa Johannesburg to Cape Town via Kruger National Park & Swaziland Oct 23 to Dec 2
South America Buenos Aires & Bariloche, Argentina to Tierra del Fuego, Chile Dec 3 to Dec 31