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Bike commuter benefit in peril under Senate tax plan

News from the League of American Bicyclists:

Proposed Senate tax bill ENDS bike commuter benefit BUT keeps commuter tax breaks for driving!

The Senate tax reform plan released on Thursday, eliminates the bike commuter benefit while keeping commuter benefits for driving and riding transit! If Congress is going to support benefits for some commuters, they should offer them to all commuters. The commuter parking benefit costs the federal government over $7 billion each year – 35 times the highest possible cost of the bike benefit.

The LAB is advocating for keeping the benefit but uncertain.For iformation about what the commuter tax benefit is, follow the link.

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By Rosalie Rayburn ... News item runs November 16 – November 21
Holiday Party

This is a quick alert so that you have an opportunity to schedule an upcoming NMTS social event!

Your holiday event organizing crew has identified a venue and set a date/time for the NMTS Holiday Party!

Sunday, December 3rd, from 6 to 8pm. Location details will be provided just as soon as the venue details are confirmed.

Please block this date/time into your schedule, make plans to attend and stayed tuned to this News Item for more information as it becomes available.

It'll be a potluck event (bring a dish, share a dish) with NMTS providing a ham/turkey tray and soft drinks/water. You are welcome to BYOB should you so desire.

Mark Pasnewski will reprise his great "Year in Review" story as part of our wonderful Gift Exchange (bring a gift, get a gift)!

So make plans to attend and stay tuned for more info!!!

By Gordon Pegue ... News item runs November 15 – December 3
Rio Grande Trail Commission to Host Virtual Open House

The Rio Grande Trail Commission will be hosting a Virtual Open House, an online public engagement event, for the Rio Grande Trail Master Plan beginning November 13 – 27, 2017.

The Rio Grande Trail is envisioned as a 500-mile cross-state, recreational trail for hiking, biking, and horseback riding along the Rio Grande.

The Virtual Open House accessible via the website link will be the first major public outreach event of the Rio Grande Trail Master Plan effort.

The format is user-friendly and graphically-rich. It is designed to require an average of 5 minutes and no more than 15 minutes of a participant’s time, according to a news release from the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Dept.

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By Rosalie Rayburn ... News item runs November 8 – November 27
Tips on how to minimize getting hurt in a fall

This list of tips from Marc Lindsay who writes a blog for MapMyRun includes techniques for avoiding common crash injuries like broken wrists and clavicles.

Main advice he gives: don't brace for a fall

Learn how to fall, using a tuck and roll technique

Pick a good landing spot to minimize injuries.

Read the link below for the full details.

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By Rosalie Rayburn ... News item runs November 7 – November 21
2017 NMTS Policy Changes

Over to the left, in the menu links section of this page, at the bottom of the NMTS Info section, is a new menu link item labeled 2017 Policy Changes.

I bring this important menu link item to your attention because on the resulting new webpage that will open if you click it is a link to a PDF that summarizes the changes your NMTS Board of Directors made to the club Bylaws and Policies at its recent Board meeting.

The changes were extensively researched and discussed over the last 6 months by a special NMTS subcommittee and are intended to improve and enhance our Mileage and Awards programs.

From the PDF, there are additional links to the actual Policy and Bylaws documents as well as a PDF that outlines our implementation plan.

The new webpage containing the link to the summary PDF will be live and available for a period of 30 days, during which all interested members may review the documents. Should you desire to compare a new policy against an existing policy - such as the Awards policy for example, you may access the existing policy document via a logon to the Members Only page. There you can open or download the existing policy for your compare and contrast task.

During the 30-day review period, you may provide feedback concerning the Bylaws changes to the President by submitting an email to president@nmts.org.

If there are no unresolved objections to implementing the 2017 Bylaws changes at the end of the 30-day review period, they will stand as adopted.

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By Gordon Pegue ... News item runs November 6 – December 6
Net Neutrality Popup

For the last couple weeks we have been hosting the alert provided by the Fight For The Future organization, which is trying to keep the FCC from turning over the internet to big-money interests like cable companies Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and Time-Warner.

What happens if the FCC has its way? Suddenly the Internet is a pay-for-play operation. Sites not controlled by big money — including this one — are at their mercy and may be forced to pay more or be throttled back in their bandwidth delivery — or even shut out altogether!.

The popup shown at left is not a virus or phishing scam. It will show up once per day for the next couple of weeks until the vote. If you don't want to interact with it, just click the "X" or anywhere on the screen around the popup itself. It will go away. (Do be careful, however, and alert the Webmaster if you see any other popups on this site that are unrelated to NMTS.)

The important thing to remember is that unless we all take action, this take-over by the cable companies is going to happen. Please keep that in mind. Let's all keep the Internet free and fair. After all, our tax dollars paid for it.

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By The Webmaster ... News item runs November 5 – November 21

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