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Net Neutrality Abolished

This is nothing less than a disaster. You may not realize it now, but the freedom you've enjoyed has just been sold out.

To all who spent time trying to prevent this tragedy, thanks for your patience and/or support over the past weeks and months.

As you have probably already heard, Net Neutrality has been stricken down. This is a blow to the open Internet, and I for one couldn't be more disappointed.

"[Gigi] Sohn calls Pai's push to abolish net neutrality a basic "abdication" of the FCC's responsibility to regulate the telecommunications industry, a startling declaration that the "FCC should have absolutely no role in overseeing access to the most important network in our lifetime." And she points out that once the issues at stake are explained to the average citizen, abolishing net neutrality turns out to be extraordinarily unpopular. Recent polling shows that more than 80 percent of Americans support net neutrality, a rare case of bipartisan unity. Sohn says that she's heard from legislative staffers that they are getting more calls on net neutrality than tax reform, a fact that might explain why a handful of Republican legislators started calling for a postponement of the FCC vote earlier this week."

Again, thanks to all those who took the time to let your voice be heard. And the fight is not over.

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By The Webmaster ... News item runs December 14 – December 26
WWAM Ride Changes Time

The WWAM ride is moving from 9:00 to 9:30 as of December 13 (this Wednesday). WWAM regulars should please make a note of it.

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By Susan D'Lamater ... News item runs December 10 – December 17
Call for Award Nominations

The 2017 individual accomplishments of NMTS members will be recognized in an Awards Ceremony in February 2018. To prepare for this, the NMTS Awards Committee is seeking nominations for the awards listed and explained in the NMTS Awards policy (available at http://www.nmts.org/Documents/NMTS_Policy_NMTS_Awards.pdf):

• Ride Leader of the year

• Volunteer of the Year

• Tour Leader of the Year

• Lifetime Service Awards

• Special Recognition Awards (Both serious and humorous)

The Awards Committee is asking for assistance from all members in identifying those who best deserve these awards. In January, each member will receive an email with a link to an Online Survey which will allow you to vote for your candidates for the Ride Leader of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Tour Leader of the Year.

Please send your nominations to the Awards Committee chairperson, Jim Fordice, at jim@fordice.net or 505-803-3640. Contact Jim with any questions or comments.

If you have an interest in serving on the Awards Committee and participating in the discussions about award winners, please contact Jim.

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By Jim Fordice ... News item runs December 3 – December 31
2017 Mileage Patch Opt-In

We are nearing the end of 2017 and as the 2018 Mileage Chairman Jim Fordice is preparing to recognize those who have earned a Mileage Patch for the club rides they have ridden. You can find an explanation of the Mileage Patches in the Club Miles Guidelines at http://www.nmts.org/Documents/NMTS_Policy_Club_Miles_Guidelines.pdf.

Since some members do not desire to receive a patch and to minimize the overall cost for this recognition effort you need to tell Jim if you desire to receive a patch. Please contact Jim at jim@fordice.net or 505-803-3640 to opt-in for a patch. Even if you have received a patch in previous years you need to opt-in for 2017.

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By Jim Fordice ... News item runs December 3 – January 5

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