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Bicycling Community Picnic Event

A FREE bicycling community picnic opportunity is available to all members of NMTS.

The date is Saturday, July 29th from 1 to 4pm at the Old Town Farm.

You can join one of the 2 club rides that will be scheduled or you can drive!

And it's FREE!

Click the link for more information...

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News item runs July 20 – July 30
Bike Valet at Balloon Fiesta

Would you like to volunteer to assist with the Bike Valet program at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta?

This is a good way to give back to the bicycling community and see the balloons up close and personal!

Click the link for complete details and how to sign up etc.

More information

News item runs July 19 – September 15
NMTS Policy Change

At the NMTS Board Meeting on 16 July 2017, a new policy change was approved. Effect immediately, all rides sponsored by other groups or organizations such as the Sante Fe Century, MS 150, etc. may now qualify for club miles credit. All that is required is that someone volunteer as the NMTS ride leader and post the ride on the NMTS website. The ride leader should then have members sign the NMTS ride waiver at the beginning of the ride and send the miles to the Mileage Chairman after the ride. Any registration and user fees required by the event organizers are the responsibility of each individual and are not waived for NMTS participants.

News item runs July 17 – July 24
K & D's ride enjoyed ‘a perfect day’

This ride report just in from Donna Chavez about yesterday's 42-mile ride from the Hispanic Cultural Center:

"It was a perfect day! The leaders rode in the back and this time we had excuses, two of them. The first was late riders who drove up after all the riders had left the parking lot; and the other was it was stated in the ride description. This ride was RRT (Ride the River Trail) instead of ART (Avoid the River Trail), a ride hosted by Mark Pasnewski).

"The route had a couple of unintentional minor errors (left instead of right, misspelling, etc). Several astute riders pointed them out. The break was at Valero, a gas station about halfway through the route. A very nice clerk who we had met before when scoping the ride remembered and greeted us with a smile. Also, there was a group of riders who waited for the leadersat the station. Thank-you!

"There were no flats (at least that we were aware of, of course there could have been one and fixed before we got there). At the end of the ride, a group of riders were enjoying popsicles and goodies at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Thanks to all of you who joined our ride!"

News item runs July 16 – July 23
Paseo del Norte Bridge Trail closed July weekends

The bike path on the bridge crossing the river on Paseo del Norte will be closed for construction on weekends during the month of July.

NMTS ride leaders should factor this into their trips this month. All others should be aware of the situation and reroute accordingly.

As more information comes in, we'll keep you posted.

News item runs July 7 – August 1

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