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The purpose of this bicycle ride information is primarily to provide the membership of the New Mexico Touring Society with ride data. This information can be used for upcoming rides or for planning club rides. The ride descriptions here are not the complete catalog of New Mexico rides but are typical New Mexico Touring Society rides. The data is as correct as possible but there are no guarantees. Construction or other changes in road conditions may change without notice and may not be reflected here. The rides are not rated for difficulty since this is so subjective depending on the rider(s), winds, rain, heat, etc. Use the mileage and elevation gain to determine the degree of difficulty of the ride for you. The rides can be remote, so be prepared for changes in weather, afternoon thunderstorms in the summer, snow flurries in winter and fall, and always wind.

Currently, the Route Library is being updated.  Updated rides have new maps, cue sheets and GPS files to download.  Look for the UPDATED! note after the ride description. Also, new rides are being added.  The new rides will will also have maps, cue sheets and GPS files to download.  Look for the NEW! note after the ride description. The GPS files work with many GPS devices as well as smart phones with GPS apps.  For help getting your GPS to work with the files, go here: GPS HELP.

For riders interested in getting across Albuquerque or New Mexico, there is some information at bottom of this page.  You can also find information on the proposed Bicycle Route 66 across New Mexico there.

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Day and Overnight Tours

The routes are listed in four groups; Albuquerque area rides, Rides outside the Albuquerque area but in New Mexico, Rides outside New Mexico and Mountain bike rides. Most of the routes are single day rides but some are multi-day tours.  Select the ride title to get detailed information on the route including pictures, maps, cue sheets, and GPS files.

Albuquerque Area Rides
5.5 miles, 527 ft.. Short option near Tramway and Central.
31 miles, 982 ft. Ride around Albuquerque on nine different trails.
62.5 miles, 2,000+ ft. Ride goes through Tijeras Canyon into the East Mountains.
(clockwise), 58 miles, 1,893 ft. 
(counterclockwise), 66.2 miles, 2,520 ft. Albuquerque Registered PBAA perimeter ride around Albuquerque. 
58 miles, climb 1,503 ft. Ride to Algodones skipping Tramway on the return.
38 miles, 1,183 ft.  The route carefully avoids the Paseo Del Bosque Trail.
50 miles, climb 1,450 ft. Albuquerque Registered PBAA perimeter ride around Albuquerque.
8 miles, flat. Colorful way to see the event.
46.5 miles, 1,814 ft. A popular ride with options.
40 miles, 1,617 ft.  Pleasant ride around Eastern Albuquerque.
43 miles, 881 ft. This ride goes to many of the filming locations for the TV show Breaking Bad.
2 miles, 154 ft. 
46 miles, flat. Pleasant ride through the 4 quadrants of Albuquerque.
44 miles, 3,023 ft. Ride through Tijeras Canyon to climb NM 337 and Oak Flat Rd. Food and beer at Green Jeans after the ride
35 miles, 1,510 ft. Also know as the Rio Rancho Roundabout.
35.9 miles, 1,592 ft. Also know as the Rio Rancho Roundabout.
38 miles. Scenic ride avoids Paradise Hills.
50 miles. Scenic ride starts at the Alameda Open Space.
108 miles, 5,600 ft. Challenging, scenic Century starting at Sandia Park.
62 miles, 5,500 ft. Includes favorite East Mountain rides.
47 miles, 3,219 ft. Ride in the East Mountains.
63 miles, 3,851 ft. Ride in the East Mountains.
59 miles, 3,543 ft. Ride in the East Mountains.
44 miles, 875 ft. This ride goes to Downtown and out to Mesa Del Sol.
36 miles, 4,664 ft. Lots of climbing in Albuquerque.
50 miles, 170ft. Flat / Fast ride largely on bikepaths.
40 miles, 4,179 ft. Lots of climbing.
25 miles, 90ft. A tribute to the Five Burroughs of New York.
28 miles, 1,994 ft. Challenging short climbs. Steep. Steep. Steep.
52 miles, 2,130 ft. Chocolate.
26, 33, 38 and 55 miles. The Original (clockwise or counterclockwise) Sedillo Hill Option S-14, Rollers, Frost Road
35 miles, 3,092 ft. Ride up and down the foothills.
48 miles, 2,800 ft. Yet another poplar ride including the challenging Heartbreak Hill.
45 miles, 2,870 ft. Start from Tijers to Heartbreak Hill.
52 miles, 617 ft. Ride to Hollywood Casino and back.
44 miles, 1,976 ft. Ride starts from the location of the now closed Kickstand bike shop.
39 miles, 1,057 ft. Rio Rancho to Jemez Dam.
32 miles, 450 ft. Very Flat, includes the scenic Riverside Bikepath.
4.7 miles, 996 ft. A short but challenging addition to rides on Tramway.
8 miles, 600 ft. A steep climb option north of the 'Triangle".
36 miles, 1,289 ft. Usually featured as an NMTS holiday event.
45 miles, 2,779 ft. The route takes roads less traveled through east side open space and housing developments.
50 miles, flat. Classic picturesque ride in the South valley.
37 miles, 1,380 ft. Hunt for the now-defunct Sandia Shadows winery.
. 72 miles, 3,750 ft. East Mountain ride out to trendy Madrid. Hard climbs returning.
34 miles, 2,094 ft. Food and beer at Green Jeans after the ride.
115 miles, 4,580 ft. Tijeras - Moriarty - Mountainair - Tijeras.
144 miles. Overnight in Mountainair.
40 miles, 1,859 ft. Out-and-back ride, featuring the North Diversion Channel Trail.
45 miles, 2,600ft. Popular ride in the East Mountains.
33 miles, flat. Popular multi-user paved trail paralleling the Rio Grande.
38 miles.
(old), 32 miles, 2,150ft. Popular East Mountains road ride.
(new), 52 miles, 3.453ft. New version of the popular East Mountains road ride.
24.5 miles, 1,192 ft. Use urban trails to get to the big downhill.
9 miles, 470 ft. Ride across Petroglyphs National Monument.
27 miles, 481 ft. Ride to the Petroglyphs National Monument.
1.323 ft. Ride all around Albuquerque.
39 miles, 1,917 ft. Nice loop around east Albuquerque.
46 miles, 148 ft. Ride down to Belen and take the trail back.
50 miles, 3,065 ft. Ride down to Santa Fe and take the trail back.
flat. Paved bikepath, picturesque. All levels of users.
54 miles, 5,887 ft.
60 miles, 6,116 ft. Alternative to the popular Sandia Crest Climb
105 miles. Albuquerque, Tramway - Bernalillo - Turquoise Trading Post - NM14 - RT66 - Tramway.
31 miles. Nice, flat, winter ride.
28 miles.
41.2 miles, 1,500 ft.
32 miles, 1,440 ft. Later winter start to avoid cold mornings.
45 miles, 2,600ft. 750' Smiths to Tijeras, 1850' from Tijeras. Popular ride in the East Mountains.
80 or 66 miles, 4,400 or 3,540 ft.
27 miles, 1,922 ft. Popular to the "Triangle".
50 miles, 1960 ft. Includes the popular 9-mile Hill and Double Eagle legs.
58 miles, 1,946 ft. Ride north and west of town with some climbing.
13 miles, 850ft. Gateway to the East Mountain rides.
38 miles, 1,736 ft. Ride to a restaurant in Rio Rancho that is now closed.
68 miles. 2,372 ft. Tour visiting at least 13 Cahvez-named landmarks.
35 miles., 1,574 ft.
50, 75 and 109 miles. Kit Carson Park south to Belen, Los Lunas, Bernardo, and back (old route).
. Popular, paved multi-use bikepath in east Albuquerque with awesome views.
46 miles, 3,237 ft. Ride to the East Mountains.
55 miles, 2,175 ft. Ride up into Rio Rancho.
50 miles, 1,352 ft.
35 miles, 326 ft. Nice loop around west and Downtown Albuquerque.
New Mexico Rides Outside the Albuquerque Area
41 miles, climb 1,391 ft. A fairly flat scenic loop near Acoma/Grants.
30 miles, flat. A pleasant off-road ride to view the migrating flocks. Note: Check with the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in advance to see about where they will let you ride.  In recent years, local regulations have limited bicycling in the Refuge.
72 miles. Loop from Raton to Capulin National Monument.
140 miles, 8,000 ft. 3 Day/2 Night Scenic Loop - Chase the train, includes Cumbres Pass and La Manga Pass and the Brazos overlook.
72 miles, 5,000 ft. 2-Day hard climb from Tularosa to Cloudcroft plus options.
59 miles, 1,422 ft. 
84 miles, 2,657 ft. Can also be a two or three day ride.
66 miles. Abiquiu - El Rito - Ojo Caliente - Abiquiu
43 miles, flat. Very scenic loop in Los Lunas, Belen, and the Rio Communities.
30 or 54 miles, 2,600 or 5,540 ft. Start in Kingston or Silver City.
(one day), 85 miles, 5,741ft. Taos - Questa - Red River (Bobcat Pass)- Eagle's Nest (Palo Flechado Pass) - Angel Fire - Taos.
(two day), 89 miles, 5,300 ft. Taos -  Eagle Nest (Palo Flechado Pass) - Red River (Bobcat Pass) - Questa - Taos.
28 miles, 951 ft. Starts in Las Vegas.
41 miles, 1,606 ft. Pretty flat, fast ride with great views of the Jemez Mountains. 
58 miles, 1,625 ft. Starts in Estancia, great area, flat, light traffic, scenic views.
115 miles, 4,580 ft. Tijeras - Moriarty - Estancia - Mountainair - Tijeras.
88 miles, 5,100 ft. Two day tour starting in Silver City.
42.5 miles, 1,602 ft. Starts at the Big Chief gas station on US 550.
54 miles, 2,756 ft. Nice ride on the west side of Santa Fe.
61 miles, 3,003 ft. Ride starts in Las Vegas and goes to Mora and back.
62 miles, flat. Starts in Los Lunas. (WARNING! Out of date ride!)
31 or 62 miles. Ride in Las Cruces.
41 miles, 1,605 ft. Day 1 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
62 miles, 3,069 ft. Day 2 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
66 miles, 5,662 ft. Day 3 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
50 miles, 2,962 ft. Day 4 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
51 miles, 1871 ft. Day 5 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
49 miles, 3,600 ft. Starts in Pecos.
61 miles, 2004 ft. 
130 miles. Two day ride from hatch.
56 miles, 3200 ft.
103 miles, 5,151 ft. Popular century.
33 miles, 4,200 ft. Starts from de Vargas Mall.
41 miles, 1.458 ft. Easy ride from Laguna to Seboyeta.
. Ride Across New Mexico (Many days).
. Two day ride from Socorro.
104 miles, 6,200 ft. Ranchos de Taos - Holman - Mora - Angle Fire (Palo Flechado Pass) - Ranchos de Taos.
62 miles, 4,100 ft. Lovely loop with a steep climb S of Taos.
89 miles, 5,300 ft. 2-Days includes Bobcat Pass, Palo Flechado Pass and Moreno Valley.
30 miles, 2,500ft. Picturesque short climb from Taos. 
148 miles, 8,800 ft. Tres Piedras, Chama, chase the train, includes Cumbres Pass and La Manga Pass.
75 or 34 miles, 1,600 or 800 ft. The area is normally closed, only available when White Sands Missile Range opens the area for special ride. San Antonio - Stallion Range.
51 miles, 1,423 ft.
48 miles, 3,600 ft. Ride from Jemez Springs up to Valle Grande.
16 miles, flat. Ride in White Sands National Monument.
Rides Outside New Mexico
47 miles, 3,975 ft. Ride starts in Moab, UT.
396 miles. Ride starts in Fort Davis, TX. Includes the scenic Ft. Davis Loop.
63 miles, 5,461 ft. Ride starts in Moab, UT.
34 miles, 1,994 ft. Ride north of Moab, UT.
60 miles, 5,171 ft. Day one of a four day Colorado tour.
49 miles, 4,177 ft. Day two of a four day Colorado tour.
48 miles, 5,595 ft. Day three of a four day Colorado tour.
43 miles, 2,460 ft. Day four of a four day Colorado tour.
10 miles, 293 ft. Short ride from the center of Moab, Utah down the Colorado river.
. 49 miles, 4,951 ft. Ride up and over Cucharas Pass to North Lake. Return by same route.
t, 69 miles. 3,684 ft. Ride from Moab, Utah to Dead Horse Point State Park.
99 miles. 4,431 ft. Ride from Durango, Colorado to Farmington, New Mexico and back.
41 miles, 1,605 ft. Day 1 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
62 miles, 3,069 ft. Day 2 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
66 miles, 5,662 ft. Day 3 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
50 miles, 2,962 ft. Day 4 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
51 miles, 1871 ft. Day 5 of a 5 day bicycle tour.
s, 50 miles, 3,783 ft. Ride starts in La Veta, CO.
. 248 miles, 10,400ft. 4 Day/3 Night Loop - Stunning scenery, difficult climbs, includes Slumgullion Pass, Spring Creek Pass, North Cochetopca Pass.
. 47, 22, 22, or 68 miles, 5,700, 3,700, 1,730 or 6,030 ft. Durango - Silverton, other spectacular San Juan area rides. Over Red Mountain Pass, Over Red Mtn. Molas, Coal Bank Passes.
. 73 miles, 3,972 ft. A great loop north of Flagstaff. 
28 miles. 200 ft. Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club standard ride.
423 miles. 7-Day picturesque loop in the Caprock area starting in Lubbock.
Mountain Bike Rides
8.5 miles, climb 680 ft. Offroad trail in Albuquerque foothills.
52 miles, 5,630 ft. A very scenic hard mountain bike ride in a beautiful area.
3.7 miles, gradual climb. Easy moutain bike climb.
. 20+ miles. Popular mountain bike ride west of Santa Fe.
. A major network of rides in the Cibola National Forest east of Albuquerque.
20+ miles. Santa Fe Mountain Bike/Hiking trail network.
.  7 miles, 838 ft.
. Terrific single track trails for all levels.
. Terrific single track trails for all levels.
43 miles, 2,500ft. Intermediate MTB loop ride in the Jemez Mountains.
. 33 miles, 2,000 ft. Mountain bike ride in the East Mountains by Lester.
. A maze of easy to moderate trails in the East Mountains.
. More East Sandia Mountain Bike rides.
. Easy mountain bike ride on Albuquerque's west side.
23 miles, 1517 ft.  Easy Mountain Bike ride in the picturesque Cerrillos area.

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