Albuquerque East Metric Century


View North on NM337 at Pine Flat - Eric Russell

View North on NM337 at Pine Flat

The East Albuquerque Metric Century combines popular routes in the east mountains with Tijeras Canyon and some NE heights routes for a nice metric century. There are a lot of turns but most of the route is pretty straight forward. Print out this cuesheet for the turns.

Getting There: Start at Cosco at Eubank and Southern.

Distance: ~62.5 miles

Roadway: Quite a variety. Some bike lanes in town, divided 2 and 4-lanes in Tijeras Canyon and 2-lane roads on NM217, Vallecitos, and Frost Rd. NM217 is narrow with big rolling hills and drivers who aren't looking.


See the following for descriptions of segments: Tijeras Trot, Oak Flat, S-14 Rollers, and Frost Road Frenzy.

Options: See the segments above for options.

Cuesheet - PDF Version of Cuesheet below for printing.

Albuquerque East Metric Century Cuesheet // 62.5 Miles.
Mileage Waypoint Leg Description


Southern & Eubank Start and End. Ride east on Southern to Juan Tabo.


Juan Tabo Turn right (south) on Juan Tabo.


Singing Arrow Turn left (east) through the trailer park. Continue straight through 3 stop signs on Singing Arrow to the Singing Arrow Center.


Bike path Bear right on the bike path at the Singing Arrow Center to Rachel. Take Rachel left steeply downhill. Don't turn left on the bikepath. That takes you uphill to the Burger King and Tramway.


Four Hills Turn right (south) - Four Hills Lollipop Loop. Downhill.


Stagecoach 4-Hills Loop: Turn right (west) and ride to the top of the hill. Stagecoach turns into Wagon Train going south then east. Then it turns into La Cabra Dr.


Pedregoso Ct Turn left. Ouch! & "No Outlet".


Stagecoach Turn left.


Stagecoach Turn left. Hideaway yield.


Four Hills Turn right (north). Steep climb to RT66.


Old Rt66 Turn right (east) on RT66, head up Tijeras Canyon. Who ordered up the hills?


Tijeras traffic light Rest Stop; 24 Mile Turn Around. Remainder turn right (south) ride up NM337 (old S - NM14). See Oak Flat write up. Very picturesque stretch.


Morning Star Grocery Rest Stop; 44 Mile Turn Around. Remainder continues south on NM337. Nice descent.


NM217 Turn left (east) on NM217. More downhill.


NM217 & Martinez Rd. Turn left (south) at the intersection and continue on the NM217 "Rollers". You'll realize what this means. At least this is the more downhill direction.


Rt-66 / I-40 / Mountain Valley Rd. Rest Stop. Continue straight across NM333 (Historic RT66), I-40, and onto Mountain Valley Rd. Enjoy the new AASHTO shoulders.


Frost Rd. Turn left (west) towards the mountains. Are your legs burning?


Vallecitos Turn left (south) and start climbing. Enjoy the great view of the mountains.


Meadow Turn right (west) at the stop sign, a nice fast descent. Curves south then uphill.


Old Sedillo Hill Rd Turn right (west) and curve left (south) downhull through a picturesque canyon and under I-40.


NM333 Right (west) on NM333 (Historic RT66) and enjoy the descent to Zuzax.


Zuzax Right (north) over I-40 and left on the north frontage road, N. Zamora Rd., which is more pleasant than the south. Goes under I-40 to NM333.


NM333 Turn right (west) and ride a short way to the traffic light at NM14.


NM14 Turn left (west) on NM14, ride downhill a short way to Tijeras, pass through the traffic light to the library.


Tijeras Library Rest Stop. Almost home! Continue west on now NM333.


Four Hills Rd. traffic light Turn left (south) at the light, sharply downhill.


Rachel Turn right (west), back to Singing Arrow to Juan Tabo again.


Juan Tabo Turn right (north) on Juan Tabo.


Southern Turn left (west) on Southern.


Costco Whew. Great Job!

South East Mountains Area Map

East Mountain Area Map

Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile