Santa Fe Century

This is not an official map of the Santa Fe Century. This map is provided for NMTS members who might not know the route so that they can ride all or part of the route.

There are long isolated stretches on the route where there is no water or supplies available. It is advisable to have support. The route is mainly out in the open so riders are vulnerable to the wind and summer thunderstorms. Be prepared. The temperatures get pretty high in the summer and it can snow in Santa Fe in November so this is a spring/fall ride.

Heartbreak Hill is pretty steep. In the spring watch for sand on the downhill sections from winter snow sand trucks until rains wash it off.

The hill and big rollers on US285 from the NM41/US285 junction are not as steep as Heartbreak Hill but really go on.

There is a grocery store in Madrid a convenience gas stations in Lone Butte (on NM14 near I-25) and El Dorado (US285 near I-25).

Distance: 102.7 miles, 5,151 ft. elevation gain.

Getting There: Starts at the Christus St. Vincent hospital on St Michaels Drive in Santa Fe.

Roadway: All paved in good condition, some shoulders, light traffic except near Santa Fe.

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