Seboyeta Out and Back

This ride in central New Mexico is a beautiful ride. The route is pretty flat which makes it a great beginner's or morning ride.

This ride takes you into the rural lands of Laguna Pueblo east of Grants. This ride goes into mesa lands east of Mt. Taylor riding through open terrain with scattered juniper and cedar trees along the way. There is evidence of past volcanic activity from the volcanic rocks along the way. There is a little light traffic.

Cerro de la Celosa is one of many volcanic "necks" in the area. Cabezon is probably the largest in the region. These are formed by lava eruptions in the geologic past where a tube of magma pushes its way to the surface the igneous material spreads over the land. Then, in following years the softer surrounding layers erode away leaving the harder, denser igneous "neck".

Distance: 40.6 miles, 1458 ft. elevation gain.

Getting There: This ride starts across from the Dancing Eagle Casino at Exit 108 on I-40.

Roadway: Two lane roads.

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