Acoma Pueblo Loop

The classic Acoma Pueblo Loop takes us into the land of giant mesas and endless blue skies as we ride into the heart of the Acoma Pueblo.

After entering the reservation, the loop passes the impressive Enchanted Mesa, Kadzima, along L23/L22 (L = Laguna Reservation). The area is pretty flat and open with wide vistas. The ride passes the Sky City at the junction of 38 & 23 at the museum but does not climb up the mesa.

Then there is the one climb up Deadman's Rock Overlook, also know as the Kuumi Scenic View, but it's not very long. The overlook has a great view of Sky City but photos are forbidden. Then it's downhill to McCarty's with Mt. Taylor in the distance.

Bring plenty of water and snacks. Both of the two options cover essentially the same loop, they just start in different locations on the loop. There are great views of Mt. Taylor, in the spring snow-covered, to the north on the return ride on Acoma38.

This ride is best in the spring or fall to avoid the heat of the summer. Spring can get windy and late fall can get snow if you're unlucky.

The interesting small museum at the intersection of L23 and NM38 at the Acoma Pueblo and visitor's center has restrooms and water.

Take care at the intersection of NM124 and L22 (Laguna), it is easy to miss and you would wind up in Laguna. It has happened, bonus miles! The abandoned Paraje Trading Post that was a useful landmark has been demolished. There is a standard green highway boundary sign for "Paraje" just west of the turn.

Distance: 50.2 miles, 1,423 ft. elevation gain.

Getting There: Start at Casa Blanca at I-40, exit 108, 53 miles west of Albuquerque.

Roadway: The roads are mainly 2-lane rural roads without shoulders with very light traffic. Some of L23 south of Blanca has been recently paved and has shoulders for a way.

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