Bear Canyon Arroyo Mountain Bike Out and Back

Bear Canyon Arroyo

Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail

The Bear Canyon Arroyo is a delightful easy mountain bike ride right in the city. It is a great ride in the late fall. The trails are wide and climb gradually to the Foothills Trail 365. The Bear Canyon Arroyo is a flood control facility that runs right up to the Sandia Mountains. The trails are all packed dirt with no rocks. The terrain is all in the open so it always obvious where you are going and how to return.

This is a great beginners or winter ride.

Keep your eye out for wildlife like roadrunners or quail.

Oso Arroyo Oso

Bear Canyon Oso

Getting There: Start at the el Oso Grande Park just north of TVI Montoya campus north of Montgomery and between Juan Tabo and Morris. Take Morris north a couple of blocks. Park next to the park.

Also, try the pleasant Michial Emery Trailhead where east-bound Spain dead-ends at High Desert Road.

Distance: 3.65 miles, gradual 700 ft. elevation gain, from the el Oso Grande Park to the intersection with Forest Service Trail 365 in the Foothills System.

Notes: Bring food camera, and water.


  • Take Forest Service Trail 365 south to the Embudito Trailhead or north to the foothills trail system. Continuing north on TR365 takes you to the Elena Gallegos Trail road and the entrance station.
  • Foothills Trail.
  • Trail 365.
Bear Canyon Route
Take the paved bikepath from the el Oso Grande city park east towards the Sandia Mountains.
Cross Juan Tabo below the big spillway. Climb the trail up on top of the dam on the north of the dam.
Follow one of the several trails east. The arroyo must be 1/8 mile wide in places.
Just before Tramway go to the south side of the arroyo and admire the Bear and Cubs sculpture. Don't worry, you can't miss it.
Go under Tramway using the bridge.
Continue straight up the left side of the arroyo. (jogging right will go up the right side of the arroyo to the upper trails)
Cross High Desert Road. This is the new road to the new houses right next to the Foothills Trail at Glenwood Hills.. Just on the other side of the road is the delightful Michial Emery Trailhead. There is shade, water, and porta-potties.
Continue up the left side of the arroyo. The right side goes up the arroyo and connects to trail 305 that climbs east to the Pino trailhead (with the big sign).
The trail climbs up the left to a low ridge and to the intersection with TR365 at 3.65 miles.