Flying Star Out and Back

The Flying Star Out and Back begins and ends in Old Town at the Atomic Museum to the Juan Tabo Flying Star (aka Double Rainbow). This is a quick ride, has good pavement all the way and you are rewarded with Flying Star confections at the top.

Distance: 52 miles, 2,130 ft. elevation gain.

Getting There: Begin and end at the Atomic Museum (old REI) at Mountain near the Natural History Museum. There is additional parking at the "convention center" parking lot across the street and a little north if there is insufficient parking.

Roadway: Tramway has great shoulders, clean with no rumble strips, and smooth.


Notes: See the Bosque / Riverside Bikepath description.


Flying Star Out and Back CueSheet
Waypoint Leg Description


Old Town Ride west on Mountain to the Riverside/Bosque Bikepath.


Bosque/Riverside Bikepath Ride north (right) on the bike path dodging roller bladers and oblivious chit-chatters to Alameda.


Alemada Parking Lot Ride east (right) through the Alameda Open Space parking lot to the bike lane along Alameda to 4th St. at the light. Watch the nutty traffic.


4th and Alameda Left (north) on 4th over the bridge to Tramway. There is usually light traffic in the morning.


Tramway Climb Tramway Blvd. east all the way past to the foothills as it curves south to Spain. Checkout the buffalo herd at Bien Muir.


Tramway & Spain Turn right (west) on Spain and wildly descend to Juan Tabo.


Juan Tabo Turn left (south) on Juan Tabo a few blocks to Double Rainbow and reward yourself (I recommend the brownies).


Flying Star at Nassau The return route is basically the same:
Take Nassau east just accross the parking lot to avoid traffic on Juan Tabo up to Manitoba and Tramway. Return the way you came north on Tramway back down the bikepath to Mountain to the start.


Old Town