East Mountain Metric Century

The East Mountain Metric Century connects several of the East Mountains' favorite rides into one demanding but scenic ride. One advantage is that there are several points at which the ride can be shortened if the typical winds kick up. Take plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen as there are no places to stop for most of the ride. The east side is a favorite due to light traffic, awesome vistas, and cool weather in the summer. Beware of winds in the afternoon. Most of the roads have no shoulders and broken edges so ride carefully. This route is fairly demanding with about 5,500' of elevation gain over the ~60 miles. The route includes the steep Heartbreak Hill and the S-14 Rollers.

Distance: ~62 miles (100km), 5500 ft. elevation gain.

Options: Lots. Continue south to Mountainair or north to Madrid.

Roadways: North and South NM-14 has light to moderate traffic the remaining roads have light traffic. North NM14 has minimal shoulders for 5 miles from Tijeras to Frost Rd. South NM14 has shoulders but the downhill shoulders should be watched carefully for the common debris and glass. The remainder has no shoulders but have light traffic. NM217 is narrow and has a crumbling edge with hills and fast drivers if light traffic so be alert on NM217.

Notes: There is a grocery store at the "Triangle" and the Morningside Grocery is near Oak Flat on NM337.

East Mountains

East Mountains Metric Century Cue Sheet
Mileage Waypoint Leg Description


A. Montoya School parking lot or the library Begin at A. Montoya parking lot or the library. Ride east on RT66 straight through the stop sign at NM333 & NM337 (S-NM14). Curve left under the I-40 underpass north on NM14. Pass through Cedar Crest and Sandia Park.


Frost Rd & NM14 Stop at the Triangle (at Frost Rd) at the grocery store or gas station for a snack since there is nowhere to stop for a long while. (first cutoff). The East Mountains bike shop is here. Stop in for some shopping.


Jct. NM344 & NM14 Turn right (East) on NM344. Climb Heartbreak Hill. Savor the downhill ride as it curves south then west through Cedar Grove (no facilities) then south still on NM344.


NM344 & Frost Rd. Turn right (West) on Frost Road just after the Edgewood Elementary. (next cutoff). Frost Rd. has light traffic, no shoulders, some poor pavement, but awesome views of the eastern Sandias.


Frost & Mountain Valley Rd. Left (South) on Mountain Valley Road (NM217). MVR has several short steep hills and cracked pavement.


MVR & I-40 Cross I-40 (Next cutoff) and RT66 and continue Straight (south) onto NM217 and continue on the South Rollers. There are 7 or so large rollers that are fun. Watch for the few fast cars and no shoulders.


Stop sign at NM217 and Martinez Rd. Turn right (west) at the stop sign. NM217 curves to the right through Ysirrarri and joins south NM14.


NM217 & NM337 (S14) Turn right (North) onto NM333 (S-NM14). Climb a little to the Morningside convenience store. Nice views of the Sandias. Continue north downhill on S-NM14 to Tijeras. There is more traffic on NM14 but there are shoulders for most of the way.


Tijeras. RT66 & NM337 Turn left (West) in Tijeras at the intersection with RT66 and return to A. Montoya.
Ok, so it's a little short, do laps in the parking lot...

Elevation Profile

This route is fairly demanding with about 5,500' of elevation gain over the ~60 miles. The route includes the steep Heartbreak Hill and the S-14 Rollers..

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