Rio Rancho Roundabout


Rio Rancho Loop

The Rio Rancho Roundabout, aka Kevin's Loop is a nice loop though pastoral Corrales and the ever-growing Rio Rancho. This route avoids almost all the intense traffic in Rio Rancho and makes a nice ride for the spring or late fall when it's cooler. The loop has nice views of the Sandias to the east and the Jemez Mountains from the northern part of the loop.

Corrales Rd. used to be a pleasant ride but the traffic has just gotten too bad over the years.

Thanks to Kevin Griffen for developing this ride.

Getting There: Start and end at the Alameda Open Space parking lot at Alameda and the Rio Grande. An alternate starting location is the shopping center parking lot at NM528, Alameda and Corrales Rd.

Roadway: Most of the roads have light traffic and 2-lanes. US550 was rebuilt in 1998 with new 4-lanes and shoulders but with rumble strips.. Watch for debris and asphalt lumps. Unser has 2 lanes but very light traffic. NM528 has new shoulders but watch out for debris. Loma Larga has intermittent bike lanes and light traffic. Broadmoore is a divided 4-lane boulevard but with light traffic. Watch for the speed humps on the downhill Meadowlark.

Distance: 35 miles, 1,510 ft. elevation gain.



Rio Rancho Roundabout // 35 Miles, 1,510 feet Total Elevation Gain
Mileage Waypoint Leg Description


Alameda Open Space parking lot Exit the parking lot on the west end, ride north (right) on the Bosque Bikepath under Alameda Blvd, follow the pavement left over the bridge, west up the hill, then cross the old Alameda bridge (no cars) over the Rio Grande. Then follow the bike lane on Alameda west to the shopping center at Corrales Rd.


Shopping Center at
Corrales Rd.
Turn right into the rear of the shopping center, follow the back side north, then west to Corrales Rd, avoiding the intersection.
Then turn right (north) on Corrales Rd. to the first left, Calle Cuervo. This shopping center used to be a meeting place for rides so you could start here and avoid Alameda.


Calle Cuervo Turn left (west) on Calle Cuervo, a pleasant divided boulevard. along some apartments to Ellison.


Ellison Turn right (north) on Ellison , when you cross the first road, Cabezon, it turns into Loma Larga Rd. Ride along Loma Larga ~5 miles through picturesque Corrales with great views. The pavement initially isn't great but soon there is new pavement with intermittent bike lanes. Light traffic. Along here you pass Meadowlark which is the return route.


Corrales Rd. Turn left (nw) on Corrales Rd. to the Giant convenience store on NM528. I think there is a shoulder.


Rio Rancho Blvd. (NM528) Turn right (NE) on Rio Rancho Dr. to US550. There is a nice new shoulder along NM528 though there may be some gravel to watch for. There is another convenience store at US550 & NM528.


US550 & NM528 Turn left (west) on US550. Climb the hill to the national guard armory. There is a shoulder all along US550 which is good since the speed limit is 70.


US550 & Unser (armory) Turn left (south) on Unser. The national guard armory is on the south of US550. It's a pretty definite turn, the sign may say 20th St. or Northeast Loop orsomething else since there is a minor turn at the armory about 1/2 mile south of US550. Now you get most of the climbing on the ride. There are few rolling hills to Northern. You're pretty much out of town and in the open with views in all directions..


Northern Blvd. Turn left (east) at the traffic light. There is a narrow shoulder on the new pavement to Broadmoore. Rolling hill. Nice view of the Sandias ahead to the east.


Broadmoore Turn right (south) on Broadmoore, adivided 4-lane boulevard, and climb. The 4-lanes narrow to 2, ride downhill to the dead end at Country Club.


Country Club Turn right (south) on Country Club that has bike lanes for a while to the traffic light at southern.


Southern Blvd. & Sara Continue straight (south) across Southern. The road becomes Sara here. Light traffic. Ride downhill, cross NM528 at a traffic light, to Meadowlark.


Meadowlark Turn right (south) on Meadowlark. Meadowlark curves east and zooms downhill. Beware of the speed bumps to... Loma Larga (been here before) then Ellison.


Loma Larga Turn right (south) on Loma Larga to Ellison (straight) to Calle Cuervo (again).


Calle Cuervo Turn left (east) to Corrales Rd.


Corrales Rd. Turn right (south) just a little way to the shopping center. Ride through the back side again east and south to Alameda.


Alameda Cross Alameda and follow the bike lane on the far side or ride the wide sidewalk on the north side over the Rio Grande to the Open Space parking Lot.


Alameda Open Space Parking Lot