Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail / Riverside Trail


Camels and Llamas - Eric Russell Photo

Camels & Llamas Along Bosque Trail

The Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail, also called the Riverside Bike Path in places, is a lovely 16 mile-long paved bikepath, uninterrupted by roadways. The trail parallels the Rio Grande bosque on the east side of the Rio Grande from Alameda Blvd. in the north to where it intersects 2nd Street on the south. There are no street crossings for the 16 miles. The Bernalillo County Chris Chavez Bikepath continues east crossing under 2nd street. The Bosque Bikepath follows the languid Rio Grande through the cottonwood bosque, past Tingley Beach and the Nature Center under all the busy highways. Since the bikepath parallels the diversion channel it is a flat as they get. Along the bikepath, aside from the exotic camels, lamas, ostriches (no joke) you can see road runners, coyotes, and migrating ducks, cranes, ospreys, and geese. Keep you eye out for migrating bald eagles along the river or elephants at the zoo.  In the fall the bikepath is covered with cottonwood leaves. The bike path passes the Rio Grande Zoo, the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, and the Rio Grande Botanical Garden.

Bosque TrailThe bikepath is used by children, recreational road cyclists, and experts (usually getting from one side of the city to another), not to mention walkers, inline skaters, joggers, and others. A gravel parallel road parallels the paved path on the northern portion. Be careful not to startle horses.

There is no water or bathrooms on the trail. There are porta-potties at the Alameda trailhead and bathrooms at Tingley Beach. It crosses the diversion channel over several well maintained bridges and there are little benches along the way. The only negative is that there are several chicanes, or "mazes" south of Tingley beach where you have to dismount and walk your bike through. The are connections at Rio Bravo where you can find a convenience store nearby if you're getting hungry.

The bikepath also crosses under several highways that can be icy in the winter so be careful in the shaded areas. This is especially true for I-40 and Montaño. The wooden bridges may be icy in the early cold mornings.

This is a very popular route with walkers and joggers so start early on weekends. This is a great place to ride in the cold winter months. A number of NMTS rides use the Bosque Bikepath as a portion of the ride, see the La Llorona Ride. This is also a good route to cross the city in the N-S direction, avoiding traffic.

Distance: The Bosque/Riverside Bike Trail total length is about 16 miles each way. Elevation gain: 45' north to south, 125' south to north, nearly dead flat.

Roadway: Nice pavement and a couple of wooden bridges that cross diversion channels. Lots of foot traffic, kids, especially inline skaters. Be careful of the descent under the Montaño and Paseo del Norte bridges due to unexpected pedestrian or horse traffic. There is often ice under these and the I-40 bridge in the winter.

Bosque Bikepath

Montgomery Underpass - Watch Your Speed

Getting There: The Bosque Bike Trail crosses under all the major highways so there are numerous places to start. The following are some of the places to park.

  • Alameda Blvd. Open Space Parking Lot - Alameda Blvd. & the river. This is the north end so you can ride south 16 miles and back. There is a dirt lot just east of the river. Also there is a picnic area on Rio Grande Blvd to the east. Porta-potties.
  • Bio Park - Central Avenue and the river. This has a large parking lot and the trail is on the west side of the Bio Park next to the train station. There is a small parking lot right at the stop light.
  • Nature Center - End of Candelaria - The Nature Center has a lot of neat paths that you can walk and intersects the bikepath. There is a short paved bikepath/sidewalk on the west side of the bikepath. You have to walk your bike through the Nature Center.
  • Mountain - There is a popular entrance at the west end of Mountain Blvd., west of Old Town. Park in Old Town, ride west on Mountain, cross Rio Grande Blvd. to where Mountain dead-ends at the gate to the short paved access trail to the Bosque Trail.
  • Duranes & Gabaldon Dr. SW - West of the 4-way stop on Duranes is an entrance, no parking.
  • Campbell Rd. NW - Ends at the bikepath. No parking.
  • Rio Bravo 2nd St., & Bridge - Take Rio Bravo west from 2nd St., north on Poco Loco just before the Rio Grande bridge. The Rio Bravo Riverside Picnic Area has limited parking.
  • Montano - Parking at the Pueblo Montano Picnic Area east of Coors.
  • Marquez - Open space parking west of Tingley. Nice new acess.
  • Paso del Norte - There is a parking lot at the sw corner of El Pueblo and Rio Grande.
  • Chris Chavez bikepath - At 2nd St. in the south the bikepath continues as the county's Chris Chavez bikepath. This continues east, then follows the diversion channel north to Rio Bravo. From there retrace your path, turn left (west) on the Rio Bravo bikepath back to the Bikepath or ride east on Rio Bravo with no bikepath.
  • There is a nice off-road single track out-and-back on the north side of Alameda Blvd. on the west side of the river that winds through the bosque north almost to Corrales. There is a parking lot there on the north west. From the Alameda Open Space Parking lot go under Alameda, up the hill cross the old bridge to the west side, then on the levee for a short distance and drop down on the first single track on the right.
  • Forget the levee on the north east side. It looks inviting but it is sandy, it is goathead heaven, and it stops abruptly at the "No Trespassing" signs at the Indian reservation.
  • The Chris Chavez Bikepath continues from the south end of the Bosque Bikepath at the South Diversion Channel and 2nd Street along the diversion channel to Rio Bravo where it turns west (left) and follows Rio Bravo back to the Bosque Bikepath.
  • Connecting rides include City Circle, Double Eagle, East Albuquerque Perimeter, Fast50, La Llorona, Los Luna Spin, NorthEast Loop, and the Tour de Chavez.
  • Connection to the nice new Matthew bikepath from the narrow exit about .3 miles S of Campbell near I-40 via Don Quixote Dr across Rio Grande Blvd.


  • City of Albuquerque Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail webpageTrail Map.
  • There are porta-potties at the Alameda trailhead and bathrooms at Tingley Beach.  There is one break in the fence behind Tingley that you can use.
  • Be prepared for flats on the bikepath. There are lots of "goat-heads" along the way in season.
  • Weather at Alameda and the Rio Grande.
  • The bikepath also crosses under several highways that can be icy in the winter so be careful in the shaded areas. This is especially true for I-40 and Montano. Also watch for ice on the wooden bridges.
  • Be especially alert at the Montano and Paseo del Norte underpasses. There is limited line of sight and there is often pedestrians or horses standing in the middle of the trail when you come roaring down the trail.
  • City of Albuquerque Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail web page and map - Describes the trail, access locations, etc.
  • Rio Grande Nature Center State Park
  • Rio Grande Zoo
  • Rio Grande Botanical Park
  • Albuquerque BioPark

Bosque Bikepath Cuesheet

Riverside Bikepath N-S CueSheet // 16 miles
Leg Mileage Waypoint Leg Description


Alameda Open Space Parking Lot A signed, paved parking lot southeast side of the Rio Grande. There is a dirt lot on the northwest side if closed.


Paseo del Norte Tunnel goes under Paseo del Norte - watch for walkers, horses.


Montano Underpass under Montano. Watch for ice, pedestrians.


Nature Park Access to Candelaria Ave. and the Nature Park on the east side of the diversion channel.
  Campbell Rd Map kiosk at bridge. Trail along east side ends at the Nature Center. Access to Campbell Rd parking.
  Duranes Access to Gabaldon. Cross the diversion channel on narrow bridge.


I-40 Underpass. Watch for ice in the winter.


Mountain Access to Old Town. (sign painted on the bikepath).
Option:Take Mountain east about 2 miles to Old Town for lunch.


Central Ave. Bio Park. Pass under bridge - low ceiling, watch for ice. BioPark parking lots are here. Continue south along Tingley Beach.


Bridge Ave.  


Rio Bravo Blvd. Access Chris Chavez Bikepath along Rio Bravo.


2nd St. Trail curves east to 2nd. Goes under 2nd street. Bikepath becomes the Chris Chavez bikepath. Continues onto Rio Bravo then goes west back to Bosque Bikepath.