Sedillo Hill Out-and-Back


The popular Sedillo Hill Out-and-Back ride begins and ends at the 4-Hills' Smiths. This ride goes out into the picturesque rural east mountains. Alone, this is a good fall or spring ride just before it gets dark. Sedillo Hill is a high point that provides stunning views of the Sandias and the other mountains in the area. The ride is mainly uphill out and downhill back. Many options can be added to this ride to branch out to other parts of the east mountains.

Getting There: Start and end at the 4-Hills Smiths.

Roadway: See the Tijeras Trot for a description through the Tijeras Canyon. From the I-40/NM14 intersection NM333 parallels I-40 on the south side east to Edgewood and on to Moriarty. From NM14 to Sedillo hill NM333 has a reasonable shoulder but has a good amount of debris to watch for.

Distance: 30 miles roundtrip.

Options: The Sedillo Hill route is usually incorporated with other options such as Frost Rd., Mountain Valley Rd., or the NM217 Rollers. There is a north frontage road from Zamora Rd, just east of NM14, that goes under I-40, to Zuzax, use the bridge over I-40, that is pleasant and avoids the waste transfer station on NM333.

  • At Sedillo Hill turn left (north), cross I-40 onto Old Sedillo Hill Road that curves back west giving great views of the Sandias. Follow Sedillo Hill Rd west past the intersection with Meadow, then curving south downhill through a picturesque canyon at Dennis Chavez estates to I-40 and NM333 again. Take NM333 right (west) back. This adds about 8 miles.
  • At Sedillo Hill continue on NM333 to the NM217 intersection. Turn south to the rollers then to S NM14 or north to Mountain Valley Rd. and Frost Rd.
  • Take Vallecitos to Frost Road then east to NM344, north to Heartbreak Hill and NM14 and South on NM14 to RT66 and return.

Notes: There is a convienence store at Zuzax, about 5 miles east of NM14. In the spring the shoulders may be covered with sand used on winter road surfaces until a spring rain washes it off. There is a fair amount of debris to watch for on the shoulders especially around the waster transfer station near the Zamora Rd. junction.


Sedillo Hill CueSheet // 38 miles
Waypoint Leg Description


4-Hills Smiths Leave Smiths East on NM333 (old Rt. 66) to Tijeras at I-40. Continue straight (east) through the traffic lights at NM333 & NM337 (S14) and curve left to the I-40 underpass traffic light.


Jct of I-40 & NM333 & NM14 Traffic Light Turn right (east) on NM333. Pass Zamora Road, Zuzax, Old Sedillo Hill road and climb up the hill to the Sedillo Hill I-40 overpass.


Sedillo Hill Exit Return by the same route.



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