Tajique Tango


The Tajique Tango is a classic in-and-out ride beginning and ending at the 4-Hills Smiths at Tramway and Central. There are great views of the Manzano and southern Sandian Mountains. There is a lot of elevation gain on the return ride so make sure you have something left for the return. The initial portion of the ride is uphill though ponderosa pine forests. It opens out passing NM217. This trip can be shortened by 13 miles and 850' elevation gain by beginning at Tijeras. NM337 is renamed old south NM14.

Distance: 80 Miles, 4,400' Elevation Gain (from Smiths).

Getting There: Starts at 4-Hills.

Roads: The pavement is good with some shoulders all the way out to the junction with NM217. There the pavement narrows and is rough for about 5 miles but the pavement is acceptable all the way to Tajique.


  • From Tajique take NM55 east to Estancia and on to Moriarty.
  • Continue south on NM337 to Mountainair.

Notes: You can get water and food at the Morningside Grocery about 10 miles south of Tijeras. There is a small store in Taijique. There is a new restaurant in Tajique.


Route Map


Tajique Tango CueSheet // 80 Miles, 4,400' Elevation Gain
Leg Mileage Waypoint Leg Description


Tramway & Central Ride East on NM333 (old RT66) to the Tijeras red light intersection with at NM337 (S-NM14).


RT66 & NM337
At the Tijeras traffic light turn right (south). Pedal furiously uphill past the Tijeras ranger station (water), and the Oak Flats picnic area, to the Morningside grocery (on the right) 10 miles south of Tijeras. Continue south on NM337 through Chilili to the intersection with NM35. There is a 2,140' climb to Morningside from Tijeras. The road is rough from the junction with NM217 for about 5 miles south but improves some after that to Tajique. There are no shoulders past NM217.


NM35 & NM337 Turn right (west) at NM35 for 3 miles to Tajique.


Tajique There is a gas station/convenience/liquor store at Tajique where you can replenish fluids.
Return by the same route. The return down SNM14 is a great descent with views of the Sandias to the north.


Tramway & Central  

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