West Texas Caprock Loop


The West Texas Caprock Loop is a 7-day loop ride in west Texas. This loop travels the back roads through West Texas small towns and stops at various B & B's along the way. This loop can be done self-supported or by using a sag vehicle to carry luggage. It gets pretty hot in the summer so travel in the spring or fall. It can get pretty windy.

The B&Bs (which provided breakfast) are great and you can purchase dinners and all the lunches, snacks, beverages and sustenance needed each day. Some of the B&Bs have twin beds so that a room could be shared.

Thanks to
Kay Dwyer and Paul Matthews for developing this ride.

Caprock Texas State Park

Caprock State Park

Getting There: Lubbock is about 300 miles from Albuquerque. Take I-40 east to Santa Rosa, US84 south to Ft. Sumner, Clovis then Lubbock.

Roadways: All paved, mostly rural Texas FR (Farm to Ranch) roads, no shoulders, but very light traffic.

Distance: 424 paved miles, 7 riding days.

Options: There are lots of paved farm roads with little traffic so the loop can be enlarged or shortened depending on where the small towns with B&B's or historic hotels can be found.

Notes: Lubbock is a large city with lots of motels and other facilities.


West Texas Caprock Loop Cueheet // 7 Days 400 Miles
Mileage Description
Day 1 - 75 Miles Lubbock to Lamesa
Day 2 - 65 Miles Lamesa to Post
Day 3 - 57 Miles Post to Dickens
Day 4 - 58 Miles Dickens to Roaring Springs
Day 5 - 44 Miles Roaring Springs to Turkey
Ride south of Caprock Canyons Texas State Park.
Day 6 - 50 Miles Turkey to Floydada
Day 7 - 49 miles Floydada to Lubbock
Total: 398 Miles