Albuquerque Volcanoes Mountain Bike Trails


Albuquerque Volcano

Albuquerque Volcano

The Albuquerque Volcanoes Mountain Bike Rides are popular, easy mountain bike rides on Albuquerque's west side in the US NPS Petroglyph National Monument. The volcanoes are visible from much of Albuquerque as several low hills on the west horizon. The trails provide stunning views of the Sandias and Albuquerque to the east. One of the larger volcanoes output warm air from far below which hints that not all the activity is dormant.

The area is totally open and hot in the summer so take plenty of water. This is a good spring, fall, or even winter ride.

There are a variety of double and single track trails that encircle the volcanoes. Many of these are rocky so are not as fast or easy as some dirt roads. A double track takes off north to the powerlines that gets sandy and rocky in places. The distances are all pretty short unless you ride back to the city to the east. Some double tracks go right over the tops of the volcanoes, which aren't very high, and some contour around them.

Length: Various but all are pretty short

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Some sand and some rocky stretches.

Getting There: The volcanoes are west of Albuquerque (although the city is steadily encroaching on the area) and three volcanoes are clearly visible on the horizon to the west. See the map at US NPS Petroglyph National Monument.


USNPS Petroglyph National Monument Website | NPS Map | Monument Photos
There are bathrooms at the east entrance on Paseo del Volcan and at the trailheads on Unser Blvd on the east.